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Two Olive Trees is a premier Ultra-Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Aged Balsamic Condimento tasting bar and store.  We have searched the world to find the best and freshest oils and balsamics for your enjoyment either tasting; cooking and baking at home or in your professional kitchen.  We, David & Debra Williams began this "olive oil journey" in 2012; we continue to educate ourselves everyday and learn more & more about this fascinating natural product.

When you visit our shop at the Regency Square Plaza in Stuart, Florida, your palate will be wowed by seemingly endless flavor possibilities.  With over 50 unique oils and balsamics, you'll see why people are raving about Two Olive Trees and saying

                                "Come Taste What Is Good For You!"

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is excellent helping you determine your favorite Ultra-Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil; Fused/Infused Olive Oil or Balsamic Vinegar.  Do you like flavored olive oil such as garlic, Tuscan Herb or Persian Lime?  Maybe you will like a single varietal olive oil that may have a peppery finish from a Leccino olive or a sweet, almond taste from Arbequina olives?  Do you prefer dark or white balsamic?  Not sure?  Come in and we will help you discover the amazing taste of just crushed olives and the all natural flavors of balsamic vinegars produced using the "Solera" method in Modena, Italy.  At Two Olive Trees, balsamics have NO ADDED CARAMEL COLOR, NO ADDED SUGAR AND NO PRESERVATIVES. 

Two Olive Trees with their experience, and excellent customer service will help you discover the freshness that you have been missing!

Want to know more about the chemistry and science behind EVOO and Balsamic vinegars?  Come into the store and learn how the olive oil industry has evolved over the years, experience taste tests, share recipes, and learn what oils/balsamics pair well together.  



 There are many EVOO's out in the market that have other oils that are in the bottles?  Many "so called" extra virgin olive oils actually can contain corn, vegetable, soy, or peanut oil in their bottles.  That is why it is so important to make sure that you are tasting and purchasing Ultra-Premium EVOO that has been 3rd party independently tested.  At Two Olive Trees, we post our chemistry and the crush date which is so very important. Olive oil is technically a fruit juice rather than an oil.  Olives are pressed to release their juices just like an orange or lemon. Don't you want to taste the "freshest olive oil" available?  We receive olive oil from the hemisphere that just crushed their olives, ensuring we always have the best available.  Remember it is not

                     "where the olive oil is from but when it was crushed!" 

In ancient Greece, women applied olive oil to their skin and hair after bathing as protection from the elements and to maintain a pleasant fragrance.

In ancient Rome, pregnant women applied olive oil to their skin to prevent stretch marks.  Many still follow this practice.

Ultra-Premium EVOO is loaded with biophenols and antioxidants; it is extremely good for your health!!



There are a lot of balsamic impostors out there: really wine vinegars with fake "balsamic" flavors added.  But at Two Olive Trees we source our balsamic from only one place: Modena, Italy where it all started centuries ago.  Our balsamics are of the highest quality.  

It begins with the grape.  Only the first quality Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes are used.  They are cooked in the traditional style over an open wood fire.  The result, the caramelized "grape must" is then put into barrels where it is inoculated with a "mother" balsamic. This introduces natural acetic bacteria and yeast which begins the process of transforming the cooked grape must into our wonderful balsamic condimento.  The wood-fired grape must is then aged using the "Solera" method.  As it is aged, the product is transferred through a succession of barrels made from different varieties of wood, each of which contain residual amounts of older balsamic dating back 18-25 years.  As the moisture evaporates, the product is moved to smaller barrels which are topped off based on this method.  After many years of this process, it is ready to be bottled and sold.  Age is not the only criterion of balsamic quality, however, much of our balsamic's superior quality is due to the condimentos' very low acidity rate of 4%.  This is a function of a high quality grape, cooked down, condensed and aged without with the addition of caramel color, added sugar or preservatives.

With a wide variety of both dark and white balsamics to please almost any palate, we invite  you to try some of Two Olive Trees superior balsamic.  They are the natural partners to our Ultra-Premium EVOO as well as Fused/Infused Olive Oils.  We could go on and on but the true test is your palate. 

So again, we invite you Two Olive Trees in Regency Square in Stuart, Florida and


"Come Taste What Is Good For You" 










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