When we decided to open a shop that featured the best EVOO and Balsamics from around the world, we called our selves The Olive Pit.  We researched and did our due diligence on the name, and found there was an Olive Pit in CA but their offerings were totally different than our products.   We had all of our marketing materials, signs and bottles imprinted with "The Olive Pit". After approximately 8 months of business,  we began getting notices from an attorney saying that we could no longer use that name.  After careful consideration we decided to change our name.  We spent many hours trying to determine a name that we would being us joy and extend our faith to those in the community.

One morning during my devotions in Revelations 11:4, I came across the words two olive trees, I felt immediately this should be our new name.  David & I prayed and sought direction & guidance.  Within weeks of making the decision to change the name to Two Olive Trees, our landlord offered us the space beside us to expand our footprint.  We are so grateful and blessed that our business continues to expand with new products and classes over the years while reaching out to our community with great customer service and the love of Jesus!  


David & Debra Williams