8th Jan 2020

We have Cooking Demos twice a month here at Two Olive Trees!!  

Here is what is included when you attend one of our demos: 


Olive Oil 101:  Tasting of 2 fresh Ultra-Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils from the hemisphere that just crushed their olives.  They could be from the Southern Hemisphere (Chile/Australia) or the Northern Hemisphere (Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal).  We always have the freshest available for your tasting enjoyment.

You get to watch and hear how Chef David prepares various dishes that include appetizer, vegetable, starch, main entree, and dessert.   Wine sampling and fresh roasted coffee is served at every meal also.  THE BEST PART:  you get to enjoy every dish that he is preparing!  Here at Two Olive Trees we practice "Slow Eating" come learn how they dine o in Europe.  It is an "experience" not just a meal to be consumed in 30 minutes or less.

Cost is $65/person.  A paid reservation secures your seat.  Classes begin at 6:08 PM...need to find out about the dates available?  Call 772-219-8228 to find out the menu and dates.    We are open Monday-Saturday 10AM-6PM  Come experience a cooking demo with Chef won't be disappointed!!